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The expertise you need to quiet the chaos and create the efficiency your business needs. 

“More companies die from indigestion than starvation.”

                                                                                       – David Packard, Cofounder Hewlett-Packard

If your business is suffering from a bloated backend with one bottleneck after another, it’s time to stop wasting precious resources and start maximizing your measurable results.

Is your business bloated and out of balance? Here are some telltale signs that your business is suffering from indigestion:

Pushing work that you need to do for your business and focusing solely on client/customer delivery .

Working in your business instead of on your business.

Trapped in short term work instead of creating the long term results you need.

Got all the people and tools but you’re still bogged down.

You’ve got all these people on your team but you’re still overly involved in your backend…

Something is missing. This is still hard. Harder than it should be.

When I partner with a founder, my mission is your success.

I genuinely care about my clients and their ability to achieve success. So, I’m careful to only partner with business owners that I know I can help. 

We’re a good fit if:

  • You’re making money with a proven, validated offer that sells.


  • You’ve got a team that you can delegate tasks to.


  • You wish you had confidence in your next steps – and maybe the ones after that.


  • The one thing you’re missing is a high level thought partner – on call.

Growth is messy.

Your sales increase along with your workload. You make impulsive hires to help keep things moving but with little to no effective onboarding system.

You suddenly have a larger client roster but it feels like you’re constantly scrambling. You’ve got too many projects queued up but your ability to deliver is suffering without the solid workflows in place. 

It all feels like barely contained chaos. 

I get your systems and operations updated and optimized in the aftermath of your latest growth spurt and keep your team focused on strategic tactics, so that you can be the effective leader that you need to be while focusing on moving your business toward your big picture vision that you should be focused on.

I can help you make progress in areas like:

Growth & Scaling Strategy Business Coaching Project Planning Systems Setup   Team Training Quarterly or Annual Planning
People & Processes Audit Hiring & Onboarding Clear SOP’s Internal Workflow Refinement Focus Prioritization Actionable Improvement Plans

Your business has grown, and so have the demands on your time. Get the fast fix you need to save your schedule, your sanity, and your success.

I can help you to: streamline your processes, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance overall business performance.




Choose the partnership that works for you

and I’ll make an impact that will get you an immediate result.

“Working with Amalie was exactly what I needed. She literally handed me the break-through for something that I had been agonizing over for weeks.“ 

– Joy Duling, JourneyCARE Packard

If nothing changes, nothing changes. 

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