Strategic solutions that streamline your operations and optimize your outcomes. On demand.

What you want is simple. Your business, but better.

You’re not alone if you’re missing deadlines, have a team without continuity and clarity, and are struggling to communicate with your people in order to consistently provide high-quality and timely deliverables. All of it is hampering your continued growth. These are common operational challenges that can stifle even the most valuable businesses.


You’ve got your business here so what do you need to get your business running smoothly here while still focusing on growth? Leverage. Leverage my expertise and experience in your business today. 


You’ve got goals. 

You’ve got tools. 

You’ve got a team. 

You’ve got everything that you need to make it happen, right? 

So, why isn’t it happening? 


I can help you with that. I help small and medium sized businesses to overcome operational challenges and make meaningful moves forward that get them closer to their performance, productivity, and profitability goals. 

Better Operations = Better Outcomes

After serving for 8½ years in the U.S. Navy,  I transitioned into entrepreneurship. I think in systems and am naturally solution-oriented. My specialty is quickly spotting the problem areas in systems and the gaps in processes that slow your business down and keep you stuck and spinning your wheels – and knowing how to fix it.. 


You’re not looking for one-size-fits-all solutions. You already know those don’t work. I provide my clients with custom solutions and support that fits their specific needs. 


Being able to deliver fast fixes doesn’t mean that I have a churn-and-burn client roster. When I partner with clients, I am invested in your business. Your success is my success. I’m committed to helping you relieve the stress of running your business.. I can help you to create the sustainable foundation that you need to to grow – without the headache, frustration, and drain on resources.


I partner with clients on both a long and short-term basis. Not sure which is right for you? 

Book a free initial consultation now to see if we’re a good fit. 

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Amalie Shaffer

Chaos Calmer | Operational Outcome Optimizer | Workflow Whisperer

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