We all have this perfect picture of entrepreneurship in our heads. We think being your own boss means putting in fewer work hours, getting more profit, and it’s all rainbows and butterflies. And it can be, once you find the perfect formula that makes your systems and operations work smoothly. But getting there is not always easy.


Dashin Simmons grew up as an only child, with a mother that dedicated 70 hours a week to her business and never had any free time. He learned from his mother’s amazing work ethic and he knew he wanted to have his own business someday too, but he was sure he didn’t want it to run his life. 


He was only 8 years old when he read Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”; then while growing up he was that kid in school selling CDs, t-shirts, and throwing events; nowadays he’s built an agency that focuses on chatbot solutions that help businesses automate tasks and get more customers. Dashin was born with an entrepreneurial spirit, but working out the processes and systems wasn’t as easy as he expected.


Many people who start their own businesses give up their 40-hour a week office job and then get hit in the face with a 110-hour a week job. Only some make it to the other side where they’re getting out of the daily operations and finally enjoy the money and the freedom of time.


It wasn’t until he read Kiyosaki’s “Cashflow Quadrant” that he realized that there are four quadrants in business:

· Employee

· Self-employed

· Business owners

· Investors

People who call themselves business owners may actually still be in the self-employed quadrant if they don’t have systems in place — and this is the quadrant where his mother found herself. Working all the time, constantly feeling burned out. Dashin tried his best to avoid that and found the best way to do that is to stop solely exchanging his time to accomplish something, and instead, get support and outsource.


He came to realize this six months after opening his business. It was doing well and it was starting to pick up and take off, but it was just him and one other person. The workload was too much. They were making money but had no free time. They weren’t going to be able to scale and they were going to get burned out. Luckily he met another business owner in the same line of business but he was making more revenue. It was this person who helped him implement the systems he needed.


The biggest change for him was knowing he didn’t have to do every single task himself. He put so much effort into doing tasks that weren’t necessary. He learned that he needed to focus on three things, and then find other people to do everything else for him.


As usual, it was tough in the beginning because as humans, we tend to feel like nobody can do a job as well as we can. But that is just not true. We need to put our egos to the side and accept that there are other people that can do what we do, and do it just as well.


Personal development plays a huge part in a successful business. For Dashin, he noticed that throughout his life, whenever there is something he has to do, he experiences fear or discomfort. But it was this experience that showed him that when you’re trying to get to the next level, you always have a breakdown before you break through. He needed to get out of his comfort zone and just do it. He gained a new perspective: when you feel uncomfortable with something, it means that’s the thing you should probably be doing. 


Dashin also shared that he knows it’s time for a change when he looks at his numbers and notices that for the last three or four months the numbers are the same. He learns a lot from people like Jeff Bezos and Dan Pena and continues to develop himself every day.


As for his coaching, it’s never about the tactics of how to do things; his coaching comes from a deeper level like how to overcome procrastination, how to manage your time better and how to value your work. Things that need to be worked from inside and that really make a difference. 


His next goal? Increasing revenue and decreasing the amount of time that he spends in his company, so he can start transitioning into the things that align with what he wants to do in the future.

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