Whether you are a small startup or an established company with 20+ of experience, we all know the pain of working with uninspired employees.

Just like you have your own dreams and aspirations that drive you to do your best each day, well… So do they! And you’ll be surprised to find out just how much this affects their work performance.

Finding a solution to those problems is exactly what motivated us (See? Motivation is everything!) to interview Joey Chandler, who helps people identify their purpose and maintain personal authenticity in the workplace – and everywhere else. Let’s get a glimpse of how this works!

Systems and why they are the cornerstones of business management

There are three main systems that affect people individually and as a society:

Personal: Systems that we have in our lives, how you manage your finances and your fitness, and how you plan date nights and vacations with your spouse.

Business: Systems in your business, like emails, marketing, CRMs, and how you onboard new hires.

Cultural: Political, economic, and all the systems that will impact your employees and your audience.

Understanding each of those and the role they play in your life is important because all these levels tend to overlap, they don’t exist in a vacuum. So if one day you are feeling frustrated at work, it could be because you didn’t go running that morning; on the other hand, if you got angry at your kid it might be because you’re not managing your schedule at work.

What are the most common challenges?


Burnout is one of the most common difficulties Joey has noticed among his clients. There is a constant push and pull going on between all facets of their lives. Add in expectations from team members, clients, and family. Appointments and meetings. Bills to pay. Deadlines to make. You’ve got a recipe for a stressful situation.

Without knowing their purpose it is easy for business owners to lose the thrill and enjoyment of it all.


Another big challenge is that companies are actually a reflection of the society that we’re living in. People aren’t ignoring environmental issues, social issues, racism, sexism, and all those social issues anymore.

So they need to be ready to do something about those issues or they’re going to get called out and risk losing quality employees.

Managing and Retaining Quality People

Managing people is challenging. And it can be even more difficult if the leadership of an organization doesn’t set the example and standard for the company culture.

People come with their own unique issues, biases, expectations, and purposes. In order to get them behind the overall business purpose, they must also understand their personal purpose. The leaders must help them integrate it into and find a place for it in the business.

Right now there’s a huge crunch for employees, for quality staff and there’s also a big push for culture. People are attracted to great work culture. Your business grows with the best employees.

The average employee currently stays at a company for less than three or four years at a time. This means that if you’re coming into a company, the people around you are already on the way out. There’s no time to build a real relationship, which plays an important role when building a good company culture. It’s just happening less and less.

A great work culture attracts the best people and retains them in the company so that you can better serve your clients and achieve your mission. In order to achieve that culture, there’s a lot of systems that you must consider and integrate to achieve it.

Leadership and Personal Purposes

The leaders of every company need to identify their own personal purposes first then from there they create the business’s overall purpose. It may look like layering or integration of the leaders’ purposes.

However, you can’t just tell your employees to understand your purpose and get behind it. It can work to a certain extent, but truth be told, you can’t expect people to live someone else’s purpose.

Employees might understand the purpose but they won’t live it in their everyday lives unless it has meaning to them as well.

A solution to this would be, after the leaders have identified their purpose, help each of the employees identify their own individual purpose, and how that purpose can be fulfilled. When a company can help their employees identify their purpose, that’s really powerful because the employee will go out and live their purpose with their family, with their friends. And that will, in turn, reflect a better output for the business.

If you would like to know more about finding and using your purpose, Joey does individual coaching and group programs. Visit Joey’s website: www.joeychandler.net

To listen to the full interview head over to https://amalieshaffer.com//podcast/.